What people are saying

“I found the workshop to be a refreshing time-out from the daily grind, a strong reminder to take care of me first and foremost so I can ultimately be my best and most productive at work (and in life).  Considering our own uniqueness and passions are not something we are often (ever?) encouraged to do at work, but this showed me that it’s important to remind us why we chose our fields and how we can continue to use our strengths to get better at what we do.  I thought ending out the session with the “markers” lists was a good way to bring it all back to practical, realistic ways we can make sure we’re capitalizing on our passions and best personal qualities in day-to-day life.  Aside from all this, it was great to spend some time with park staff I don’t normally interact with.  And Chris, I appreciate your genuine passion for helping us find our passions!” 

Thanks so much. 

Sara S.

“Working with Christine was a joy! She’s smart, kind, and so much fun to work with. Her passion for the test was contagious. I felt totally safe with her to surrender to this process, and I’m so glad that I did. The test opened my eyes to where I was already living my passions, and where I was clouded from them by the “shoulds” I’ve created for myself, or the busyness of daily life. The test gave me the opportunity to slow down, take inventory and reconnect to my heart. Thank you for this journey, I’m so grateful to have been on it with you.” 

Jackie J.

“She goes the extra mile to make sure you are getting the most from the process………I clarified my offerings in a powerful way.”

Brian Leslie Miller, CEO Real Transformation

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