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What do you Value?

Is it social media, television, mainstream news, your favorite apps or your boss, think you should be and do?  All of these distractions compete for

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Take Back Your Power

What to do when you are a Leader with so many responsibilities, constantly changing “priorities” funneled your way, lost in stress and overwhelm, and unsure

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The Key is Connections

The more connections you form with people from different backgrounds, disciplines, cultures, ages, races, education, religion, or spiritualty, the more difficult it becomes to judge

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Courageous Leadership requires: A willingness to talk openly about values, beliefs, and emotions. A willingness to be curious about your employee’s unique skills A willingness

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A Deep Dive into the Power of Feelings

Experiences      >          Feelings      >         Beliefs   >     Actions Quantum Mechanics states that everything is composed of vibrational energy, neuroscience, and heart science show that emotions

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