About me

Welcome and thanks for viewing my site.  If what I offer speaks to you, please get in touch.

My Philosophy:                  

I believe in the power of simplicity – to allow people to powerfully focus on what is most important in their lives, careers, businesses.

This means you aren’t going see social media links – the world is busy enough already with distractions and flashy offers that move us away from focusing on what is simply most important to us – connecting to our unique gifts and talents to live a passionate life, and by doing this, enriching your lives and the lives of others…………to the benefit of ourselves and humanity. When you subscribe to my blog, I will not fill your email inbox with continuous offers, until everything blurs and becomes overwhelming.  Promise!

What I offer is clear and simple – One-on-one Consultations to ……..

Boost Your Business! Re-energize your purpose, take powerful actions for growth & success

Boost Your Life! Discover your passion and purpose and align it with your life with joy.

Boost Your Leadership! lead from the head and heart, become more successful, energized, and happier in your business, career, life.

Boost Your Team! Workshops to engage and empower your team and align them with your businesses mission and purpose.

I have helped people achieve amazing results.

More about me:

I am at the tail end of a career with a Federal Civil Service Agency.  During my time there, through an out-of-the-box leadership course, I discovered my Passion and Purpose:  To Connect People to Their Brilliance – Empower and Enrich their Lives at Home or at Work (many times both!).

I love and appreciate people allowing me to help them connect to their gifts and see them come alive with passion and purpose.  I know that everyone is has a contribution to make. Sometimes the life clutter needs to be cleared away in order for them to see it.  That’s where I come in.

I am a certified Passion Test Facilitator and Passion Test for Business Facilitator.  My first reaction after taking The Passion Test for the first time was…….

“Nobody does this for people – it’s such a game changer! Helping people find out what is most important to THEM, and giving them tools to get past the “I’m not good enough” limitations we put on ourselves from your internal fears.”  I had to learn more.

So amazed at the power of such a simple (there’s that word again) process, I became certified as a Passion Test Facilitator and ASAP Engagement Facilitator (Passion Test for Business for Solopreneurs and Executive Leaders).  It was an incredible journey with amazing people from all over the world! 

Now I am on a continuous journey, learning more and more every day, the tools to simply live a meaningful and purposeful life. I want and help other to the same – to live a happy, healthy life full of wonder and meaning.