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Christine Freeland.

Heart Centered
Work Coach
Life Coach
Life Affirming

I worked for the National Park Service in the United States for 30 years. The last 6 years of my career, I became interested in leadership, feeling there was something missing in the way work and workers were managed. Very top down, bureaucratic, and hierarchical, with a mostly transactional way of working. I had an aha moment taking an unusual leadership course which involved connecting with your personal and work passions. Something clicked, and I thought, this is the necessary ingredient, leadership with heart!. Helping to lift employees up in an organization and support their talents and passions to accomplish amazing and creative ways of working together.

I joined a national grassroots leadership group and learned about employee engagement, organizational network structures, and ways of being a leader that resonated with me strongly, successfully proposed and implemented a project to conduct values assessments for leaders and work groups, with the purpose of building on strengths and identifying areas that are holding them back from success and increased engagement.
All of this coalesced in my mind what true leadership is about.
Creating Connections.
To our passions and innate gifts and become empowered by them.
To individual and shared values, where we all realize we want the same things and respect
our differences.
To nature and indigenous wisdom to learn practices that will allow a thriving future for humanity with the rest of the living world.

This is my focus.  To provide the tools concepts and techniques for people to connect to their full potential, for their personal benefit and the benefit of the living world.  For the future.

My Skills:

- Leadership 360 Values Assessments and Cultural Values Assessments

- Connecting individuals with their unique skills and gifts for inspiration and resilience

- Empowering employees to use their natural talents for increased wellbeing and development.

- Tools and methods for self-awareness for personal growth (and a must have for present day leadership).

- Weaving Regenerative Leadership life-affirming methods to restore the lost connections between ourselves, each other, and the planet.

My Certifications & Development:

- Passion Test Facilitator

- ASAP Engagement Facilitator/Passion Test for Solopreneurs and Executive Leaders

- Barrett Values Assessment Facilitator

- Regenerative Leadership Facilitator

- Education: Bachelor of Science Degree