Constellations & Power of Giving Power Away

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”…Organizational leaders may have an opportunity to put new plans in motion for the foreseeable future. How they display their organizational values through these decisions and practices — especially through their managers — will differentiate them from other organizations.” – Gallup

It’s not always popular to talk about employee engagement. I believe it’s directly connected to well being as an indicator of the feelings and mental states of employees.

Employees = Human Beings = Thriving Connections = Healthy Organizations

Pyramidal, Hierarchical, structures and management styles have been inherited from the past, when the U.S. was responding to world wars and the depression in creating a mechanistic, separated society.

In reading “The Power of Giving Away Power” by Matthew Barzun he writes a fascinating account of American history, how the original framing of the constitution originally included Constellations – interdependent, dynamic and flexible networks of distinct yet interwoven individuals. He gives specific examples of organizations that have become successful in using this model. Not top down, not bottom up, but inter-relational. The individual and the whole. He intuitively felt this was key and successfully used it in his rolls Ambassador for Sweden and the UK.

I was struck with how Barzun’s often used nature as examples of these concepts. The fractals from branching trees, snowflakes, ebb and flow based on evolving needs and functions.

In other words, #RegenerativeLeadership concepts. Life-affirming, eco over ego, co-creating the conditions for all life to thrive, such as organizations. Being able to reconnect to nature’s wisdom

to sense and responds to what is needed. More and more examples of this are emerging from businesses that are answering the call for humanity to reconnect, re-establish these constellations.

Cultivate ways of being that are beneficial and inclusive of all life in it’s wondrous diversity.

Our society has lost it’s way, it’s time to replace the hierarchy and pyramid approach and go back to the natural flows of life, reconnecting to each other and the living world. That way, when

new “emerge agencies” arise, we will be able to respond the co-create solutions needed in a world of increasing complexity with deeply reconnecting with one another.

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