Building Blocks of Self-Inspiration

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There is much more to life than working 40+ hours per week, doing the same monotonous and important tasks, relying on recognition from your boss who is usually missing in action and has no clue about what it is you do. Or working/living from home, anxiously watching the negative news and social media of a suffering world and it’s people. It’s hard to focus on what’s most important to YOU.

The first step on the journey towards self inspiration is identifying what you are truly passionate about. Your one-of-a-kind gifts, skills and interests. What you have been put on this earth to connect to and become more. More of what you want, more of what lights you up and makes you start each day excited about what you will create.

The second step is getting clear on your personal core values, your north star, to guide you in life. This includes recognizing any beliefs and behaviors that don’t serve you any more, and get in the way of living an inspired and connected life.

The final step (although this is a continuous journey), is to re-connect your life with the living world around you, that is a part of you, for grounding and resilience in tough times, to journey into the heart of nature and the life-affirming habits we have lost over time. The habits which are again resurfacing to give us the solutions needed to create a better world for ourselves, our loved ones, and all of humanity.

Here is what connecting to your passions (first step) can do:

“Participating in The Passion Test for me is really an opportunity to tune in with myself. To get to know what truly matters. Sometimes we only say it lightly that “oh my passion is….” But by doing this activity, I finally know what my real passion is is. Thank you, Christine, for everything. Wishing you inspire so many people in the future.” – Dayu D.

“The biggest ahaha for me was how brilliant the questioning was used to reveal which passion was more important at this stage in my life. Christine’s charisma and style are extraordinary. She surpassed my expectations. Her keen sense and intuitive abilities definitely reveal Her passions for connecting folks to their passions. It was a blessing and honor to work with Christine.” – Pamela S.

“Christine Freeland’s Passion Test Workshop introduces how to structure strategies for success with mindful com-passion. The method is straightforward, logical, and efficient. The Passion Test is a powerful tool for personal and interpersonal guidance.” – Alice G.

What ever stage in life you are at, getting clear on your passions is a powerful gift to give yourself. It sounds selfish, because it is. When you step into your passions, it leads you to your purpose and then you have so much more to give to others.

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