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What to do when you are a Leader with so many responsibilities, constantly changing “priorities” funneled your way, lost in stress and overwhelm, and unsure how to truly engage with your employees?

Focus on re-connecting.

With yourself.

Take control.


You can. You have just forgotten how.

Give yourself 5 minutes

Go outside, observe life, the sky, a plant, a tree.

Appreciate it. Breath that appreciation into yourself.

Connect with what is most important to you.

What makes you feel alive.

Every day.

Use that as your decision maker.

Your roadmap to sanity.

Your values, your passions, your connections with the living world.

Use it to make your “to do list”

No more than 3 things at a time.

Focusing on more, gets you no where accept back to where you had started.

With overwhelm and stress.

Notice the cycle?

Change it.

I can guide you, should you decide you need a little help.

Just know you can do it on your own.

Then encourage others to do the same.

YOU are the light at the end of the tunnel.


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