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The more connections you form with people from different backgrounds, disciplines, cultures, ages, races, education, religion, or spiritualty, the more difficult it becomes to judge others or categorize them in some generic box.  If you find yourself using the words “they” or “them” when referring to a person who you feel is “different” from you or what you believe, it becomes much easier to discount their uniqueness as individuals, creates separation and stops you from recognizing two things – each of us has the same underlying values – we want to be loved, valued and treated with kindness and dignity.  Each of us also has unique gifts to share, if given the opportunity.

Next time you are at work, at home or at the grocery store, and you catch yourself making assumptions about someone, try focusing on finding out what is special about them, what their challenges are, what they love to do, what they dream about.  In other words, be open.  If you are, I guarantee they will give you the same gift in return.  The more connections you make this way, the more everyone will thrive.  What you focus on grows stronger in your life.  Let’s make that focus something to the benefit of all.

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