A Deep Dive into the Power of Feelings

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Quantum Mechanics states that everything is composed of vibrational energy, neuroscience, and heart science show that emotions are measurable energy.  Positive psychology shows that feelings from your past experiences create beliefs.  You take actions based on those beliefs.

Our feelings create measurable energy and biochemical reactions that are either good for us…………or not.  Here’s the kicker. Many of us go through life reacting and responding to things outside of us, like we are walking through a randomly changing (or never changing) script that someone else is writing.  After a while we wonder “Is this all there is?”.  “Am I a victim of fate?” “I know when my alarm goes off, I’m pretty much going to be sleepwalking through my day, doing the same thing over and over.”

The answer is………. there is so much more.  To have more, you have to change the patterns, thoughts, and yes, energy you are creating into things that serve you – not drain or deaden you.  So many of us focus our energy on avoiding things that we don’t want to happen.  What you place your attention on grows stronger in your life.  What are you focusing on?  The brain doesn’t process words like not” or “don’t”.  Instead, of, “I don’t ever want to be poor again”, it hears “poor again”.  “I am not going to feel stupid again, it hears “stupid again”.  Turn those thoughts around “I have abundance in my life”.  “I am very intelligent”. “I am an excellent communicator”.

In addition, society and work culture give feelings a bad rap.  We have been programmed and continue the program (belief) that says…. “don’t express your feelings”, “it’s too icky when people are so overly emotional”.

In reality, what we see as negative feelings are useful (as long as they don’t run the show).  They signal resistance to a thought that generates a feeling.  It may be a result of someone else’s actions, your belief or past programming.  When you become aware of this strong reaction, it’s a sign to investigate why.  Start questioning the source of your reaction.  Keep asking yourself…. “what else” until you feel a shift.  Many reactions are based on past experiences and the stories and beliefs that result from them.  These stories may have served us at one time in our lives, chances are, no longer.

Each one us has the power to change our own programming and develop positive habits that open the doorway to transforming limiting thoughts and resulting behaviors.

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May 2021 be the year that you SHINE!


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