What is Heart Centered Leadership?

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What is Heart Centered Leadership?

Let’s break these two words down – “heart” and “leadership”.

First, the heart.

It has been scientifically proven that the heart has neurons just like the brain does.  It also has a direct line of communication to the brain and sends more messages to the brain then it received from it.

The heart also emits a powerful electromagnetic signal.  The most powerful signal of all the organs of the body.

The heart is the seat of intuition and emotional responses and when focused on positively, can relieve stress, help with decision making, promote bonding and community.

“Leadership” is defined in Wikipedia as “a process of social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”.

Leadership’s “social influence” can also be positive or negative and many people lead from thinking (ie. the brain).  Negative leadership looks like “my way or the highway” or “do what I say, not what I do”, or “don’t question my authority”.  This type of leadership rarely makes others (employees, followers), want to support them.  If others feel forced or coerced in supporting this type of leader, it can result in poor communication, distrust, fear and anxiety.  There is no buy in from those who are being led, energy and creativity is stifled.  People often feel drained or resentful after completion of a project or task.

Heart Centered Leadership is the best of both worlds, using the positive intuitive intelligence from the heart, balanced with logic thinking from the brain.   Individuals who lead from this balanced approach are more naturally supportive and compassionate.  People gravitate to this type of inspiring and authentic leadership and they want to help.  Creativity is unleashed, communication is open, and individuals are energized upon completion of a project or task.  The product is superior, done more quickly, and those involved being led are enthusiastic and energized upon completion of the task or project.

Heart Centered Leadership does not mean being a door matt.  It does not mean you are weak.  It takes strength and commitment.   It means treating one’s self with care and compassion, and through that, become open to do the same for others. 

Heart Centered Leadership is an inside job, and a continuously rewarding one as well.    

Want to learn more about becoming a more heart centered leader?  Contact me at chris.boostyourbrilliance@gmail.com, I would love to help.

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