There are lots of studies, books, and white papers on improving employee engagement.  It’s quite simple, even though everyone wants to make it seem more complicated.  It does take work and it’s totally worth the effort.  Just ask successful businesses and organizations.

It boils down to this.  As a manager, supervisor or leader, ensure that your employees feel connected to the following 3 things:


Helping an employee value themselves comes first.  Many times, people don’t value themselves because of limiting fears – fears that they aren’t smart enough, good enough, social enough, etc., especially in a new job where there is a learning curve, or when they have disconnected after doing the same routine for many years.  Employees who are helped to discover their own unique gifts based on their learning and life experiences, become inspired, empowered and resilient.   If the employee is a leader or supervisor and they don’t value themselves, they won’t be in a place to help their employees feel valued.  They will operate out of fear and unhealthy competition, resulting in poor communication, information hording, a “me above you” mindset such as taking credit for an employee’s work and being tuned out to your employee’s needs.  This devalues them.  Competition over cooperation never wins.


Employees want to feel they are making a significant contribution to the workplace and feel a sense of belonging there.  They need encouragement, acknowledgement of their efforts, and the services they provide.  They need to be supported and grow through continuous learning.  They need compassionate assistance when they are struggling, and to feel safe to communicate their thoughts, ideas, and concerns.  They should be encouraged and rewarded for collaborating and finding creative solutions.


Connecting employees to a higher purpose than just “doing the job” will increase their work efforts and enthusiasm exponentially.  What are the Values of your business or organization?  Why are they important? Identify how each employee’s work supports this higher Purpose.  Mission statements need to be REAL, with values that are supported and affirmed by all from the head AND heart.  Involve your employees in coming up with their own values and then your organizations values. Recognize them for their contributions towards this higher purpose.  If you don’t have Big “V” values, you need them to energize your workforce.

Want to engage your staff, reduce turnover, or become re-inspired with your work?  Contact me at chris.boostyourbrilliance@gmail.com for a free 30 minute session to see how I can help. You and your team are worth it!

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