Since I have been spending a lot of time in my home due to COVID19, I have noticed how a home is a really a living system, not unlike our bodies.   It takes constant energy to keep it alive, currents of electricity and water run throughout, like blood flowing through the human body.  It requires care and nurturing – painting walls, roofs that need replaced, like the envelope of the human body, the skin, which replaces itself regularly.  I’ll hold off on drawing any parallels with the septic system. 

A home has a symbiotic relationship with the people that live inside, kind of like our cells and organs.  When it is taken care of, it seems bright, alive and full of life.  You know the feeling you get when you see an abandoned building, sitting in a field, neglected.  Doesn’t it feel lonely?  Something really sad about that.  When a home is abandoned, it’s not long before it starts to degrade and fall apart.

We as humans are no different.  We must nurture ourselves, be kind and forgiving of our own foibles, gift ourselves with invigorating movement & exercise, fuel our minds and body’s with enriching foods harvested directly from the soil, listen to our hearts and take action from that place where purpose resides.  Then, be as kind to others as we are to ourselves.     

Once we get our own house in orders it’s amazing to see who will want to come and visit.

Take care everyone.

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